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Lunch Special Menu

Lunch special served with salad, crispy wonton and steamed rice

Soups and Salads Menu

SP1 Tom Yum Goong
SP1 Tom Yum Goong

Rice and Noodle

R7 Pad Thai
R7 Pad Thai

Seafood and Hot Plate Menu

Curries Menu

C2 Khiao Wan (Green Curry)
C2 Khiao Wan (Green Curry)

Stir Fried Menu

Cashew nuts chicken
M10 Cashew Nuts & Chicken

Try Pad Thai with grilled BBQ pork

Add over easy egg in any stir-fired dishes

Beverage & Desserts Menu

(minimum credit card charge $15.-)
(Free Delivery Minimum order $25.00 within 3.5 miles radius.)
Close sunday
=Hot & Spicy Dishes (Please specify mild, medium, or spicy hot)
** Prices subject to change without notice **

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